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Nicolau Leal Werneck


I am an electrical engineer, and I obtained my doctorate at USP in 2012, supervised by Anna Helena Reali Costa. See my


for more information.

Main research interests: pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, signal processing, optimization and computation in general.

Research work

A few selected publications:

Mapping with monocular vision in two dimensions (2010)
Nicolau Leal Werneck e Anna Helena Reali Costa. International Journal of Natural Computing Research 1(4), pp. 56–65.
Speeding up probabilistic inference of camera orientation by function approximation and grid masking (2011)
Nicolau Leal Werneck e Anna Helena Reali Costa. 19th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision - WSCG'2011. WSCG2011 Communication proceedings.
Monocular visual mapping with the Fast Hough Transform (2010)
Nicolau Leal Werneck e Anna Helena Reali Costa. Anais do VI Workshop de Visão Computacional, ISSN: 2175-6120.

See more at the publications section.


I write in a few blogs:

Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
My blog at SciLogs. About how science affects our lives and vice-versa.
Whenever I have some cool piece of code I want to show other people, I paste it here. Usually Python stuff.
My Google Plus profile


I try to make all my work available in this webpage, but it is usually outdated. If you wish to contact me, please send an email with a reasonable subject to or Here is my public PGP key.

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